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10 Succesful Tips to Sell Your House in a Bit!

Selling your house quickly is no mean feat, just avoid making common mistakes. We reveal the 10 things you absolutely must not do if you want to realise a sum of money quickly, according to suggestions from leading experts in the field. What’s the right quote for your

Selling your House to National Homebuyers: How it Works?

Is selling your home a problem? Not any more, if you rely on the network of National Homebuyers throughout the UK. Specialising in the quick purchase of property, National Homebuyers can quickly assess any type of property, simply and directly. National Homebuyers is part of

Insurtech, Hippo debuts in the commercial insurance market

Hippo, an insurtech that offers home insurance, is diving into the commercial insurance market by announcing the creation of a dedicated unit. The first product launched by Hippo’s Commercial Lines unit is customized insurance for American Homeowners Associations (HOAs). Initially, the HOA product is available in Arizona, but will be expanded to Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois and Tennessee by the end of the year. The company plans to launch additional

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