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Why are Energy Costs so different in the UK?

Did you know that your energy costs depend on which part of the UK you live in? It seems strange, but it is not so. Most energy plans have different rates for different areas. In Kent, the cost of a single-storey electric unit averages £ 14.06. As you go up, you spend a

How to save money with your energy bill

Problems with your energy bill? With our advices, find out how to deal with price increases by comparing the different energy offers. Do you think you are overloaded by your supplier, but are not sure? Well, follow the tips in the article and you will avoid being

The best Dog Insurance companies in 2020

Pet insurance provides important financial support to pay for expensive medical care for your pet. In extreme cases, the ability to afford certain unexpected veterinary expenses often makes the difference between saving and saying goodbye to your pet. We searched the net for the best pet and / or exotic pet covers, among the most famous insurance companies, and we chose 5, for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and even horses. The list provided in the article takes into consideration price,

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