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Find a better bank account, today!

Let’s find out what types of bank accounts are available on the market today, in search of the greatest benefits, based on the goals you have set for your money. Whether it is a personal account or a business account, making a periodic evaluation, in terms of

Furlough scheme: what it provides for workers

In 2020, following the global Covid-19 pandemic, many companies in the UK were forced to close their business, reduce working hours and perhaps granting voluntary furlough to their employees. This last tool will make it possible to keep the job, although not actually

When Loan Protection insurance is right for you

When repayment of loans seems to have become difficult, due to job loss or for various reasons that make it impossible to work, there are insurance tools that can help you by covering the repayments on your loans. Loan protection insurance is a type of income protection insurance designed specifically for this: it covers various types of financing (personal loans, cars, credit cards, mortgages).What is loan protection insurance?A personal loan protection insurance is a form of income

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